Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top games of 2009-10

We are about to countdown the top games and moments of the last year in Bearkat athletics and need your help.

Leave a comment and let us know what game you think should be on the list. Include your name and why you think that particular game is one of the best of the last year. The top responses will be included with the stories in the countdown.

This will be our last look back before the Bearkats begin another great year at Sam Houston State.


brianplacy said...

Basketball has to dominate this list. Football last year... well, at least the North Dakota State game was exciting. Baseball — I'll give them a break after 3 straight NCAA tournament seasons. No disrespect to the ladies, but I live out of state and don't see much in person like I used to, so if there is a worthy candidate, plase let me know.

No. 1 has to be the men's basketball championship game vs. SFA. Might have been SHSU's best overall team performance of the season. The game itself wasn't great for outsiders to watch simply because SHSU was so dominant from start to finish. But with a NCAA Tournament spot on the line, the Kats showed up and owned the Jacks that day.

The semifinal win vs. Southeastern has to be a close No. 2. Some huge shots in the final two minutes while trailing. Can't forget about the first-round game vs. Nicholls where we survived Bose dropping 40 on us.

The win @ Auburn was fun. Anytime you can beat an SEC program by 20 in their own gym, it's a good day.

The Kentucky game was fantastic. Even though we lost, Almond had one of the best individual performances in all of college basketball for the 2009-10 season that night, and it was a competitive, entertaining game for all 40 minutes.

That's my Top 5 SHSU games for the 2009-10 season.

1. SHSU vs. SFA championship game
2. SHSU vs. SELA tournament semis
3. SHSU vs. Kentucky - Almond lights up UK
4. SHSU vs. Auburn - Kats crush AU
5. SHSU vs. Nicholls tour. 1st-rd.

Leson said...

I have to agree with Brian. The best sport was basketball and therefore the best game goes to them being the SFA tournament game. I started at SHSU fall 2004 so I had just missed the last trip to the Big Dance. So all four years I was at SHSU we just missed the Big Dance each year. I was ready for a trip and I know the team wanted it bad. I think what really sets it apart is when I rushed the court after waiting for the opportunity for so long.