Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy Spring so far

This Spring Semester has been a crazy one! It has been hard to capture a gym; we have to go between the coliseum and the REC center. I think as a whole the team has enjoyed the time we have had off because mid-terms and test have been cluttering our schedules. One good thing about us though, is when we do get a chance to hit the gym we are always going hard. Practices are upbeat and we get a lot of 6 on 6 play! MY FAVORITE!

We play this Friday and everyone is super excited! We want to be able to put it all back together again on the court, although now we are a little bit lighter, with the loss of a few players. They will be missed, but time goes on and we have to keep our goals in mind… WIN! WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Being a senior is amazing! I wouldn’t give anything to be a freshman again, and I really enjoy that feeling. Feeling of accomplishment, no need for “should of” or “would of” just straight sailing through the pages in my book. Spring classes and the demands of volleyball have been rough but nothing new to an ‘oldie’ like me. I have my priorities in order and can’t wait to be able to hit the gym tomorrow. Oh and you can’t forget about those 5 o’clock weights with my favorite lifting coach ever, SPEER! He keeps us lean, mean fighting machines!

-- Jamie Kaleh #7 
Junior OH/DS

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