Monday, March 22, 2010

Got a great email during the Baylor game

Just wanted to pass this e-mail along that came in during the Baylor game. Usually don't put stuff up like this, but this letter was too good to keep to myself.

Just watching the Baylor tourney game and it just went to halftime....this is probably ridiculous but I just wanted to say that on two consecutive fouls by Baylor on Clavell...on both occasions he went to the Baylor player on the floor to help him up and then headed to the freethrow line....I thought that shows a lot of class on his part and is a credit to him and your coaching staff...for what it's this "look at me" era of sports that kind of gesture often goes unnoticed...I thought it was classy and deserves some praise. Best of luck.
The funny thing is, when both of those plays happened, I had the same thought. A lot of time our athletes don't get enough recognition for when they do the right thing, and I just wanted to share this e-mail to everyone else.

-- Jason Barfield

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