Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mikulin: We are coming together as a team

Wowww!!! How excited I am about this season! First off, my name is Morgan Mikulin, I am originally from Huntsville, Texas and I am a senior pitcher on the Bearkat softball team! This being my senior year, I have high hopes and goals for not only myself but for our team! This is going to be a very exiting season, and we are ready to get it started!
You may have read Hailey’s blog and how she mentioned the seniors we have this year! We have 9!! Which is exactly the right amount of girls you need to play defense in a game! :D But our team is much bigger than that! We have girls from all over the state of Texas! We understand that we all have to work hard to earn our spot on the team!

I would like to start off by mentioning the chemistry we all have. In our minds, it is more than just a game now! This is something that we all love doing and as for us seniors have worked hard for 4 years now. We consider each other like family and get along very well! These girls mean a lot to me, and I feel that the chemistry we have will get us very far this season! This season we have begun to do more “team building” as Coach Collins calls it! Which is soooo much fun! From falling off of the roller that rolls up our tarp BACKWARDS and trusting our team will catch us, to playing hacky sack, and a game to get us moving before practice, we call links, are just a few examples!

We play at the University of Houston tournament this weekend, and although the weather man says it’s supposed to be freezing (literally), we are all very excited and have worked extremely hard to prepare! When I say prepare, I mean exactly what I say! From, hosting a 14 & under tournament all weekend and having to practice at 7:00 Sunday night; when it is close to 32 degrees with the wind chill making it feel like 10 degrees, to coming early to practice and getting in a few extra swings or grounders. I speak for our team when I say this, but we really have worked very hard so far this season and don’t plan on slowing up! We have made team goals for this season, and are working to accomplish each one!
We play Texas A&M, next Wednesday, Feb 17!!! Come out to our complex and cheer us on!! :)

-- Morgan Mikulin

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