Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wiginton: Ready to get season started

Welcome back Bearkat softball fans. This year in the softball blog we have started a new tradition and the readers will get a chance to hear from two of the team members every week. This year you will have a chance to hear about the season through senior pitcher Morgan Mikulin and me, junior shortstop Hailey Wiginton.

After a long and hard offseason in the fall our team is ready for the spring season up ahead. We have a very full and exciting schedule this year. Starting off with the University of Houston tournament on Feb. 12-14 we will compete against University of Kansas, Baylor, Ohio State and University of Houston. Our home opener is on Feb. 17 in which we will host Texas A&M. We are very excited for this season and as you can tell we are not tip-toeing into this season. We are diving right into it and plan to do very well.

Now I’m sure most people are wondering what the team is going to look like this year -- well my answer is BIG. In many different ways we are a big team. We have 23 players on the team. Not just 23 people, we have 23 very important players on our team this year. We have a big senior class (nine players) consisting of Amy Brown, Lauren Burns, Mandy Gegan, Holli Hatcher, Amanda Lindsey, Morgan Mikulin, Ashley Nelson, Janaye Richardson and Tiffani Woodrum. Our seniors are going to have a huge impact on the success that our team is going to experience this year.

“And the votes are in” and our team captains this year are Ashley Nelson and Amy Brown. Both of these girls have great leadership qualities that are going to help us be very successful throughout this season. Although Ashley and Amy are the captains we have many leaders of all ages that are going to contribute as well.

As for the freshman this year they are a very important addition to our team and are going to make a huge impact on this softball program.

Alex Survant has to have surgery on her foot which is taking her out of our line-up for part of the season, possibly all. She is going to be missed throughout this season that is for sure. But while a few injuries have affected our roster this off-season, it just made opportunities for other players to step up and put themselves in the position. Every position has been a battle throughout the fall because we have so many players who can play each position. I’m just going to say that the coaches have their hands full making the line-ups this year with all the great players we have.

Our team is looking forward to a fun and successful season, so come out and support your Bearkat Softball team this year.

Thanks and EAT EM’ UP KATS!!!!

-- No. 2 Hailey Wiginton

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mdm017 said...

Hey Hailey! Good Luck this wknd! See ya in the morning! :P

--Morgan Mikulin