Friday, February 19, 2010

Soccer spring season heating up, kind of

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny Pence, and I am a goalkeeper and captain on the women’s soccer team. Although the weather hasn’t felt like it lately (it was freezing last week!), we are at the start of what will hopefully be a successful and productive spring season! We’re starting off the spring with quite a few less players than we had on our fall squad.

We currently have 16 players I think, but at practice we can even have a few less that that because of conflicting class schedules and injuries. Although we can’t play full field drills in practice because of this, we are doing a lot of small sided games that work on foot skills, positioning, and LOTS of finishing, which is always fun for keepers! Overall, the quality and speed of our play has improved already from the fall, so I’m excited to see how we can match up to some of the challenging teams on our spring schedule.

We start off the spring playing at the Texas A&M 7 vs. 7 tournament this weekend. We have 3 games that day, starting with Houston Baptist. After that, we play the University of Houston, and then end the day against Texas A&M. Defensively, we actually played the Aggies pretty well in the fall (even though the score line didn’t necessarily show it), so I’m excited for us to get on the field with them again!

To add to our numbers, Coach Brown and Topper signed 7 new recruits. From what I’ve heard, these girls can really play, and should be a great fit into what we’re trying to do in our program. We’ve done nothing but get better and better over the last two years, and this recruiting class should continue that trend.

We were very competitive in conference last fall, and we surprised a lot of people. It’s definitely not a stretch to say with the level of talent that we already have, combined with the new recruits coming in, that we can be even more competitive and be in the running for a conference championship next fall. BUT, I’m getting ahead of myself!!

Eat ‘em up!

-- Jenny Pence, senior, goalkeeper

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